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Where we’ve been

In 2021, WhaleRoom was founded with a vision: create a sanctuary for crypto enthusiasts to converse about their favorite projects, surrounded by fellow holders, free from bad actors, scams and distractions.

However, the innate financial component of most crypto projects makes it difficult to escape the shadow of overriding greed.

While some do partake in ownership of coins and tokens out of sheer passion and interest for their underlying utility, many care more about the prospective personal upside of them beyond the intended purpose of the project itself.

This dynamic isn’t conducive to crafting a distinctive and valuable space for blockchain and crypto stakeholders to connect, learn, and grow from one another. Recognizing this, WhaleRoom is ready for a transformation that aligns more closely with making its vision come to life.


Where we’re going

Dedicated blockchain and crypto enthusiasts often seek knowledge that extends beyond the crypto realm.

To them, cryptocurrency is not just a financial tool but a lens through which they envision the future, remain updated, and expand their understanding on a myriad of subjects.

WhaleRoom’s evolution aims to nurture this expansive way of thinking and connecting, one that goes beyond mere market metrics and tribal divisions. It encompasses the broader spectrum of what it means to be a thoughtful market player and an intellectually curious individual.

With the new WhaleRoom, our commitment is to provide cutting-edge research management tools. That said, the new WhaleRoom will prioritize helping its members conduct better solo research, incentivize peer-to-peer learning, and foster thesis sharing within its community.

Launch date: February 16th, 2021
Ethereum token standard: erc-20
Launch style: dex fair launch (no ico)
Team allocation: none
Launch price per token: $0.00

Maximum supply: 1m (see on-chain proof)
Circulating supply: 1m (see on-chain proof)
Staked supply: about 50% (see on-chain proof)
Community LP locks: about 70% (see on-chain proof)

To achieve this new vision, a solo research management tool is being built to make research management and sharing fun and easy.

A proprietary community management platform has already been deployed to facilitate research-focused community building efforts.

Both entirely governed via WhaleRoom social tokens (WHL).

Community (Live)

A token-gated member portal for holders to network, share research insights, provide feedback, and request features. Must hold at least 100 WHL or 90 WHLC to enter.

Research (WIP)

A token-gated research management platform that allows anyone to conduct research about what matters to them. Premium platform functionality will be governed with WHL.

Join the community Today

Existing Members:

WhaleRoom’s social tokens will remain the cornerstone of this revamped experience. To our current community members, we invite you to journey forward with us.

Upholding your trust is central to our mission. We’re reimagining token-based membership, governance, and advantages in a manner we trust will fortify the community’s long-term integrity and value.

Keep updated by commenting within the WhaleRoom.





Data Manager

contextual AI

Research Sharing

Community Builder

Community Gating

Hodl-based memberships (coming soon)

To access the member community and use the future research platform, members must purchase and stake WHL social tokens to unlock platform functionality. Members may unstake within dapp at any time. Learn more about staking here.


Hold 90 WHLC

WhaleRoom access
– 2 projects
– Unlimited topics
– Unlimited subtopics


Hold 450 WHLC

– Everything in Base
– 10 projects
– 2k cumulative data slots
– 500 concurrent AI insights


Hold 1.8k WHLC

– Everything in Pro
– Unlimited projects
– 10k cumulative data slots
– 2.5k concurrent AI insights


Hold 9k WHLC

– Everything in Prime
– 100k cumulative data slots
– 12.5k concurrent AI insights
– WhaleRoom council

Room hosting fees (coming soon)

Want to host your own token-gated community within or outside WhaleRoom related to your research project(s)?

Subscribe to a hosting package, paid in staked WHL social tokens – Fully self-serve.


Pay 1,000 WHLC

– 1 room
– Host dashboard access
– Up to 5 moderators
– Up to 5 room admins
– Optional token-based gating
– Optional email-based gating
– Event management
– Shopify gating


Pay 4,500 WHLC

– Up to 5 topic-based rooms
– Host dashboard access
– Up to 5 moderators per room
– Up to 5 room admins per room
– Optional token-based gating
– Optional email-based gating
– Event management
– Shopify gating
– Custom domain
– Custom branding