Shaping the future of Token-Gating

Connect, learn, and grow with a global community of like-minded individuals shaping the future of Web3 through discussion and hosting token-gating use cases. The community is limited to 10,000 people and membership is fully governed via the fully distributed WHL social token.

About the WhaleRoom

The WhaleRoom™ community is the first fully tokenized peer-to-peer community hosted on the Sentr3 token-gating platform. Holders get exclusive access to hosting discounts on Sentr3, member-only discussion rooms, and access to future event and partner offers. Anyone is free to join the community and integrate the WHL social token into their token-gating use case.

Only 1 million tokens will ever exist and so that means that community access is limited to unique 10,000 members at any given time.

Anyone in the community is free to propose community initiatives, projects, events, and much more. The WhaleRoom community is grown organically and is still in its early stages. Join us today and help us grow one of the best communities in Web3.

WhaleRoom Membership Options


Hold at least 100 WHL

or hold at least 90 staked WHLC

  • Access to the official WhaleRoom members area on Sentr3. Gain access as long as you meet the entry criteria.
  • Unlock a 5% discount on room hosting on Sentr3


Stake at least 500 WHL

  • Unlock a 15% discount on room hosting on Sentr3
  • Hidden feature: anonymized token holdings insights


Stake at least 2k WHL

  • Unlock a 30% discount on room hosting on Sentr3
  • Access to future private PRIME-only events/content


Stake at least 10k WHL

  • Unlock a 60% discount on room hosting on Sentr3
  • Access any room with access gated via a fungible token

Community Values


Communities should foster collaboration and joint actions among their members, with the aim of creating a stronger, more unified group.


Communities should strive to create new and creative solutions to problems, encouraging a more dynamic and progressive atmosphere.


Communities should have long-term goals and strive for sustainability, ensuring that their efforts and resources are used responsibly.


Web3 communities should prioritize security and the protection of data and information shared within community between members.


Communities should foster an environment of positivity, encouraging members to collaborate and constructively engage with one another.


Communities should encourage a spirit of curiosity and exploration, providing opportunities for members to learn and grow together.