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Payable to WhaleRoom in USD via Stripe or PayPal.
or hold 1 WHL

  • Access to ZEN room
  • Telegram verification
  • Twitter verification

  • SOLO
    or hold 100 WHL

  • Everything in ZEN
  • Access to SOLO room
  • No p2p signup fee
  • Third-party insights

  • PRO
    or hold 500 WHL

  • Everything in SOLO
  • Access to PRO room
  • 10 free room entries
  • Member profiles
  • Anonymized KPIs
    or hold 2,000 WHL

  • Everything in PRO
  • Access to PRIME room
  • No room entry fee
  • See top room holders
  • Smart Notifications
  • There is a finite amount of discounted lifetime memberships available for early adopters by holding WHL social tokens.

    Premium Features Explained

    • Member-Only Rooms The native Whaleroom rooms are exclusively for premium WhaleRoom members. They are hangout spots for premium members of different tiers to gather and connect. We've made the lower tiers as inclusive as possible to cover basic scaling costs.
    • Social Account Verification Since WhaleRoom does not host any 1:1 chats, premium members can verify their social accounts. This allows you to bring 1:1 discussions wherever you prefer. We currently allows users to verify their Telegram account. Soon, members will also be able to verify their Twitter and Bitclout accounts.
    • Third-Party Insights WhaleRoom will be integrating with leading third-party insights providers focused on blockchain. Examples of such platforms include: TradingView, LunarCrush, and Santiment, Twitter, and many more. We do this so you can enjoy conduct your research all from within WhaleRoom. We do this be connecting these providers' APIs and embedding their solutions into WhaleRoom in a seamless way.
    • Anonymized KPIs We built this feature so you can see what other tokens members are holding in an anonymous way. This feature only allows PRO+ members to see wallet % allocation distributions. This is a powerful indicator of what projects are of interest to different members. It is important to note that WhaleRoom never reveals member wallet addresses to preserve even more anonymity.
    • Member Profiles We built member profiles so you can browser the interests of other members on the platform. Member profiles allow you to see what posts a user has made over time. You can also see who any member follows as well as what posts they've bookmarked.
    • Top Room Holders This feature was conceived so that you can know who the top dogs are within any given room you're a member of. This is especially powerful when tied in with the ability to visit member profiles and study a member's own posts and bookmarked posts. This feature allows whales to learn what mental models it takes to reach top holder status.
    • Smart Notifications Wouldn't it be nice to only be notified about content that matters to you and your particular interests. This is exactly what smart notifications allow you to do. We built this feature so you can save time, detect golden nuggets, and multiply your time an avid crypto native or analyst.


    An exclusive experience to get an edge in crypto

    We've created the ultimate social intelligence tool for whales

    Curated Experience

    Sleep easy knowing only long-term high-quality projects get featured on the platform. Discover project fundamentals and identify great opportunities before the masses. Train your subconscious mind to only engage with projects that have strong fundamentals.

    Whale Intelligence

    Intelligent system validates that all room participants qualify to partake in the discussion. Discover bigger whales than you and learn from them via anonymised insights pertaining to their holdings and behaviour within the ecosystem.

    Market Insights

    Gain special insights into your favourite projects so you know if and when you need to change your strategy or reassess your long-term thesis. Be the first to know about shifting sentiment in the token projects you are most exposed to.

    How it Works

    Wallet balances on popular crypto wallets/exchanges are used to give you access to rooms you qualify to enter.
    Tap into the wisdom of the crowd and gain an edge as a lifelong learner and whale.
    Beat the market and be part of a thriving crypto whale community! Lifetime memberships never expire.

    The WhaleRoom Guarantee

    Stay Safe

    Protect against scams/spam inside the platform. Avoid pitfalls via our walled garden et system parameters.

    Learn Fast

    Reduce time spent scouring the internet for great intel. Access the wisdom of the whale crowd 24/7/365.

    Grow Wise

    Reduce the time needed to adopt the psychology of real whales. Grow into a connoisseur in less time than without WhaleRoom.

    Lifetime member features have been designed to optimise your journey as a crypto whale.

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