Below are the four WhaleRoom peer-to-peer membership tiers available to anyone.


Base membership

Hold 100 WHL
or 90 WHLC

Member benefits:

Access to the WhaleRoom™

Ability to vote on rooms to add

Ability to apply to moderate

rooms within WhaleRoom

Access to
WhaleRoom™ Research
(coming soon)


Optional upgrade

Hold 500 WHL
or 450 WHLC

Member benefits:

Everything in Base

Ability to host 1 room for free

within the WhaleRoom

Unlock anonymized holder KPIs

15% discount to host rooms

outside of WhaleRoom


Optional upgrade

Hold 2,000 WHL
or 1,800 WHLC

Member benefits:

Everything in Pro

Ability to host many rooms for free within the WhaleRoom

Access to future partner network events, content, and discounts

30% discount to host rooms outside of WhaleRoom


Optional upgrade

Hold 10,000 WHL
or 9,000 WHLC:

Member benefits:

Everything in Prime

Ability to access any room within the WhaleRoom community regardless of entry criteria

60% discount to host rooms outside of WhaleRoom

How the cost formula work

The cost of WhaleRoom membership shall not be fixed, but rather rely on the principles of supply and demand.

The maximum number of membership slots shall remain at 10,000 forever, with the cost of membership subject to variation in response to interest from potential members.

Should there be a high or low demand for membership, the cost of the slots will fluctuate according to the constant product formula (x * y = k).

In summary, this allows this community to remain flexible and responsive to changes in membership popularity, while preserving fairness and inclusivity for all who seek to join our esteemed community.

We have devised an integration with Coingecko to calculate the live rate of memberships based on supply and demand.

Moreover, we keep a tally of the total number of memberships held by existing members in comparison to the complete stock available on Uniswap.

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