Infrastructure to Power Any Token-Based Community

For DAOs, teams, projects, and creators who want a tailored way to host their token-based community no matter the blockchain. Self-serve module coming soon along with white label options.

How do we help token-based communities?

Create branded private spaces for your verified token, coin, NFT holders.
Allow only your token holders to enter a branded space that you control. Set your own entry requirements. Opt-in to create communities on a self-serve basis or white label the WhaleRoom infrastructure.
Allow your stakeholders to network with one another in a fully anonymous way. Make it easy for members to follow each other's profile.
We built member profiles so users can browser the interests of other members on the platform. Member profiles allow users to see what posts a user has made over time. They can also see who any member follows as well as what posts they've bookmarked.
Make it easy for your community members to prove their online identities on popular social sites.
Users can verify their Telegram accounts. Soon, members will also be able to verify their Twitter and Bitclout accounts.
Built-in inter-member anonymized KPIs
Room participants can see what bags one another is holding without ever identifying the wallet address or quantity of tokens.
Let users know who's a top 10 stakeholder in your room.
This feature allows room members to signal their "skin in the game" commitment to the community via how many tokens they possess.
Make it easy to users to create custom notifications based on what they care about.
Wouldn't it be nice to only be notified about content that matters to you and your particular interests. This is exactly what smart notifications allow you to do. We built this feature so you can save time, detect golden nuggets, and multiply your time an avid crypto native or analyst.

How it Works

Wallet balances on popular crypto wallets/exchanges are used to give you access to rooms you qualify to enter.
Tap into the wisdom of the crowd and gain an edge as a lifelong learner and whale.
Beat the market and be part of a thriving crypto whale community! Lifetime memberships never expire.
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