How it Works

Discover how to become a member of the WhaleRoom community and get involved.

Step 1

Before you become a member, you can access the public WhaleRoom by clicking below. Click the link below to sign up with your email or your wallet. It’s a great place to ask questions before committing to a membership.

Step 2

Whenever you’re ready to become an official WhaleRoom member, you can buy a membership and prove ownership of WHL social tokens to be allowed to enter the exclusive community and qualify for perks.

Step 3

If you want to stay logged to the WhaleRoom on-the-go, download the Sentr3 mobile app on iOS or Android, and connect to your profile with your same email or wallet. All your permissions will remain fully intact.

Not sure how to get WHL social tokens?

We’ve prepared a step by step guide for you to learn how to get tokens to claim member utilities and discounts.