How it Works

Discover how to become a member of the WhaleRoom community and get involved.

Step 1

Hold the required amount of WHL social tokens in any wallet of your choice. Once that’s done, sign up to WhaleRoom or associate the wallet using Privy, Unlock Protocol, Ledger, or Trezor.

Step 2

Log into the WhaleRoom and prove ownership to gain entry. The system checks the balances of tokens featured on WhaleRoom and grants you access to the room and token-gated channels.

Step 3

Once you’ve signed up and associated any additional wallets with your profile, feel free to log into the Sentr3 mobile app to gain access to the WhaleRoom on the go. Alternatively, stay connect on mobile via the web app.

WhaleRoom Memberships & Perks


Hodl 100 WHL or 90 WHLC

Access to the members area here.


Hodl 2,000 WHL or 1,800 WHLC

Ability to request new projects get added to future voting cycles

Ability to host communities on Sentr3 at a 30% discount (partnership)


Hodl 10,000 WHL or 9,000 WHLC :

Ability to enter any gated project channel regardless of balances

Ability to host communities on Sentr3 at a 60% discount (partnership)


Why is WhaleRoom hosted on a platform named Sentr3?

The founders of the community built Sentr3 as a separate platform to accommodate the needs of WhaleRoom. The two projects are separate wherein Sentr3 is its own company and WhaleRoom is peer-to-peer community where discussion is hosted on the Sentr3 platform.

What is WHLC?

WHLC is the loyalty points version of WHL and is part of the community’s peer-to-peer loyalty game. Learn more here.

How active are channels?

Gated channels are a new component of the WhaleRoom experience. Channels will be gated according to project categories (ex: stables, ai, depin, etc.).

Why is the current member count so low?

The community has been in somewhat of a dormant state ever since the last industry cycle. The truth is, the platform didn’t have the necessary feature-set to accommodate the current experiences you’ll see within WhaleRoom nowadays. In 2024 and going forward, the aim is to reignite excitement around the original vision of WhaleRoom by taking everything we’ve learned and applying to version 2.0. We aren’t fans of hype-driven adoption, and prefer to go the bottoms up route with a growing set of committed members looking to make this community great in the long term. The best thing you can do as a new member interested in adding to discussion is tell your like-minded friends that the WhaleRoom community even exists.

Why is the entry minimum so low? (100 WHL)

During periods of low demand for memberships, the price is low, during periods of high demand the price is higher. This is all according to the constant product formula (x * y = k).

Why are there P2P fees built into the loyalty game? (10% in / 10% out)

The entry fee paid on demonstrates a member’s commitment to existing loyalty members and signals their intent to be an active member of the community. The exit fee places a burden on the person breaking that commitment of being a long-term participating member.