About WhaleRoom


WhaleRoom was born as a result of a need to make it easy and possible for any token, coin, or NFT creator to create branded online social spaces for their community stakeholders. It's also a place for people with various interests to come together to connect, learn and grow around their favorite interests and communities. In the long-term, our mission is to solve the following two problems:

1) Token creators increasingly need a place they can call their own to engage with their token holders free from spam, trolls, and scams;

2) Over the next decade, millions of social tokens will be created on a variety of public blockchains and there needs to be a solution to bring them all together in a seamless way (a blockchain agnostic social network of social networks).

Founded in 2021, the platform has already attracted a pre-seed investment to build out the necessary infrastructure and run initial pilots with crypto teams and creators in the space.


The WhaleRoom social platform has been coded to interface with any ERC20 token and also makes use of a two token system for users to participate directly with one another. Eventually, our infrastructure will allow the same functionality across multiple popular public blockchains.

Across our entire ecosystem, our system ensures that only users with a provable amount of tokens/crypto participate in rooms meant for them. Cryptographic proof is our criteria for room entrance (Proof of Ownership).

For the largest whales, we sell paid memberships that offer a number of benefits and premium features inside the ecosystem.

For users who wish to remain anonymous, a peer-to-peer (P2P) system is available in which users effectively swap with one another for those same benefits and features via WHL social tokens.

To drive an amazing experience and awesome benefits for WhaleRoom members, we have set up a system in which users who choose to can interact directly with each other, rather than paying or interfacing with a centralized company. This is very different from the usual model wherein WhaleRoom allows users both options. WHL social token holders can stake their tokens with one another via a P2P “staking” system. This P2P staking system is fully automated, immutable, and operates autonomously via a smart contract (hosted on the Ethereum network).


Though the platform makes use of a ERC-20 social token known as WHL, only platform users can interact with it. WhaleRoom (the company) does not and will never hold or sell any WHL social tokens at any time; they are exclusively for community members to unlock special features within the social ecosystem.

The WHL social token supply is capped at 1 million tokens with no mint function. Beyond that, the social token was launched via a fair launch approach (no pre-sale, initial value of zero, no ICO, and no team allocation).


Since the beta launch of our platform, our community has grown well into the thousands and our team continues to improve and iterate on the platform based on community feedback. Each week, we are working tirelessly to improve the platform for everyone.

For the rest of 2021, our goals are the following:

- Continue improving UX and feature set;

- Release the official iOS app;

- Release the multi-wallet balance aggregator;

- Release the smart notifications engine;

- Release the video and audio rooms feature;

- Self-serve room creation via ETH, BNB, HTR, and DESO;

- Grow the platform user base beyond 5,000 users;

- Work with a centralized and compliant exchange to list WHL;

- Run 3 room launch pilots with leading blockchain project teams

How WhaleRoom Gives Back

WDC (charity number: 1014705) and WhaleRoom have entered into a formal partnership to help protect and save endangered whales. WhaleRoom (the entity) will donate 1.1% of all company revenue to WDC on a quarterly basis.