Social Utility Platform for the Global Crypto Whale Community

WhaleRoom is a new social platform for verified crypto whales. Fully anonymous. Coming soon Summer '21.

Let's breed a global token holder culture that's centered around adopting great first principles and fundamental research skills... one member at a time!

A new way to discover the next disruptive technology, no matter on what blockchain.

Also a great place to discuss ideas and learn from other verified token holders free from bots and spam!


There isn't any place to go talk about crypto projects with other verified holders of specific projects. Chatrooms today are riddled with agenda-driven misinformation that leaves new market entrants feeling confused and unimpressed.

  • Public chatrooms or invite-only groups
  • Not verified stakeholders
  • Extremely agenda-driven culture


A place where the token holders of particular projects can come to discuss their favourite projects in a clean and verified manner. By creating a barrier to entry for discussion, a less agenda-driven culture will emerge between users.

  • Open member-only social platform
  • All room participants "hold the bag"
  • Social nuances to keep members in check

A seamless experience

Participate in high-quality discussions about exciting blockchain projects and connect with like-minded crypto enthusiasts!
Customize your in-app experience by tailoring your dashboard according to your preferences and needs. Filter your notifications and alerts to stay on top of the latest discussions while avoiding information overload.
Follow other users and save your favourite posts. Access detailed analysis and market insight about listed projects directly from the app.
WhaleRoom is built to integrate seamlessly with both Apple and Android operating systems. Enjoy our platform on any devices using our web, desktop and mobile app.

Launch soon in July '21

Available on web, desktop, and mobile

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