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A new social utility for crypto project stakeholders to connect, learn, and grow.

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Proof of Ownership is a new way of ensuring community integrity instead of hoping for it.

The platform uses blockchain technology to anonymously ensure platform members only gain access to project rooms and premium features that they qualify for. The system checks wallet balances and enforces room minimums for users to gain entry to social feeds for a curated list of coins/tokens/influencers.

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Participate in high-quality discussions about exciting blockchain projects and connect with like-minded crypto enthusiasts!
Customize your in-app experience by tailoring your dashboard according to your preferences and needs. Filter your notifications and alerts to stay on top of the latest discussions while avoiding information overload.
Follow other users and save your favourite posts. Access detailed analysis and market insight about listed projects directly from the app.
WhaleRoom is built to integrate seamlessly with both Apple and Android operating systems. Enjoy our platform on any devices using our web, desktop and mobile app.

Discover why the founders are building WhaleRoom!

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WhaleRoom was born as a solution to very real problem that most crypto whales are forced to deal with on an almost daily basis.

We’re Fixing the Biggest Problem With Crypto Communities on the Internet

Why WhaleRoom is About to Become the Most Exclusive Community on the Internet

The Truth About Crypto Whales
— And Why We Need Them

Optimizing Community Building for Blockchain Projects with WhaleRoom

Discover how to unlock premium features

Anyone can unlock premium features inside WhaleRoom by either:

  • Purchasing a premium annual or lifetime membership directly from WhaleRoom.
  • Holding WHL social tokens in their user wallet according to a hardcoded peer-to-peer system.
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